Welcome to CreepyLovely: All Things Dark And Strange In Cinema and Beyond!

Hope You Like What You See!!! Welcome to Creepy Lovely

If you’re reading this welcome to http://www.creepylovely.com, all things dark and strange in cinema and beyond! We are so glad that you could join us. Here at CreepyLovely, we have a very simple mission: to bring you consistent topnotch coverage of the darker side of cinema. Whether straight up horror, crime thrillers (both true and fictional), or something a little harder to define is more your cup of cinematic tea, then we hope you’ll come to think of us as a place where you can find it. We will be writing about the movies that we all know and love, but also staying on top of the latest and most exciting in genre releases. Horror is a loose term, more a feeling that can only be subjectively defined by each specific person…which is exactly why we aren’t limiting ourselves here either. Although horror will be a large part of what we cover here, we’ll also be looking at other works of cinema and television that capture our dark little hearts and imaginations.

Who's that banging at the window? Oh don't worry. It's just the friendly neighborhood fiends at CreepyLovely. They just moved in!

Then there’s that beyond part of our tagline, and it’s a word that has infinite possibilities. Not only will you find coverage of horror from around the globe, made beyond American borders, you will find coverage that is beyond the genre entirely…in uncharted territories if you will. We want to challenge our readers’ expectations and never fully define what we are. On our site you’ll also find coverage of both bands of all genres making music in one way or another inspired by horror or darkness, and reflections on our favorite film scores that are as memorable as the images on the screen themselves! On CreepyLovely, you’ll hopefully find yourself among like-minded individuals, who not only share a love for the cinematic, but all things macabre, strangely beautiful, and terrifying in this world. Please read and share the articles out to your other horror loving friends, check out the various channels that we will be filling with content, and if you would like to join us as a writer, just message or DM us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Once again, thank you so much for checking out our new website. Stay tuned! We have such sights to show you.

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