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  • How to Have a Very Horrorphile Christmas
    By Leigh Evans Alright! You find your self staring down the twin barrel of Christmas cheer while Halloween feels like it was just yesterday. How does a Horrorphile cope when the world is covered in tinsel, in-laws, and aunt Martha's jello mold that is anything but edible? With Night Of The Horrorphile's first annual Christmas … Read more
  • A Tribute To My Hero, John Bloom
    By Leigh Evans Saturday the ninth of November found me standing in line at the local art house in Tulsa, Oklahoma, awaiting a meet and greet I thought would never happen. I stood there shaky and sweating while my wife asked if I was okay. Then Joe Bob Briggs stepped through the doors…but lets rewind … Read more
  • A Podcast This Way Comes
    by Leigh Evans Have you ever read or listened to a movie review where the analysis acts as if the reviewer was personally violated by each frame of the film? I have, and way too much if you ask me. My name is Leigh and I am co-host, writer, janitor, and beer drinker at Night … Read more
  • Hope You Like What You See!!! Welcome to Creepy Lovely
    If you're reading this welcome to, all things dark and strange in cinema and beyond! We are so glad that you could join us. Here at CreepyLovely, we have a very simple mission: to bring you consistent topnotch coverage of the darker side of cinema. Whether straight up horror, crime thrillers (both true and … Read more