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The Latest Interviews with Horror Icons

  • How to Have a Very Horrorphile Christmas
    By Leigh Evans Alright! You find your self staring down the twin barrel of Christmas cheer while Halloween feels like it was just yesterday. How does a Horrorphile cope when the world is covered in tinsel, in-laws, and aunt Martha's jello mold that is anything but edible? With Night Of The Horrorphile's first annual Christmas … Read more
  • Tristan Risk Chats With Creepylovely About Upcoming Directorial Feature Strip Craft And More!
    by Steven Wandling You have probably never met anyone quite like Tristan Risk. An artist through and through, she's dedicated her life to creating and performing in as many mediums as she can dive into: burlesque, acting, writing, and now, feature film directing. The announcement was recently made that Risk would be co-directing (with writer/producer … Read more
  • Creepylovely Interviews: Camille Keaton
    by Valerie Thompson For years, the film I Spit on Your Grave has been met with a mix of indignation and curiosity. While controversies come and go, the unshakable Jennifer Hills remains as strong and resilient as ever. With I Spit on Your Grave Deja Vu's release earlier this year it only seemed right to … Read more
  • Screaming is My Lullaby
    by Laura Beerman Screaming is my lullaby. It’s been part of my life’s soundtrack for as long as I can remember. Sometimes the screams are my own but today, they’re mostly on screen, projected from the horror films I watch. Like a junkie, I’m just not happy unless there’s a base level of horror in … Read more
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