Jason V, Jason Hell, Jason 3D, and Jason "Manhattan" R- The Jasons. Who cares?

Coming Soon…Spotlight On Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey’s Best Punk Band, The Jasons!

Creepylovely, in our quest to bring you the widest content possible, have a column we have dubbed Graveyard Shift. Not really any rules, as long as it’s creepy and or lovely…and it’s music. From your favorite bands to the music behind the films you love, Graveyard Shift will have you covered. Keep your eyes peeled for our first installment on the best band of psycho killer mamas boys ever to violate your ear drums!

Thanks for reading! You can catch The Jasons on tour right now and stream their music on Spotify, ITunes, and just buy directly from the band at http://www.thejasonsband.com. Share this with your horrorpunk loving fiends and be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming first installment of Graveyard Shift!

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